Hope Alliance is a community of active Christians who are dedicated to spreading the Good News of salvation across the world through proactive regeneration mission field work. We are committed to transforming lives and harvesting souls for God's kingdom through:

  • Unity of our kingdom purpose, efforts, talents and resources in line with Holy Spirit will and desire
  • Spreading and preaching the Gospel in an unadulterated manner
  • Implementing charitable objectives that are centred on rebuilding shattered lives and empowering deprived communities

Hope Alliance membership is open to born again Christians who are looking to step out from the four walls comfort zone of the church into the global field of the world and begin harvesting souls across the globe for God's kingdom to the glory and honour of God. You can become a partaker of Hope Alliance kingdom advancement mission purpose today by simply completing our online membership form.

Christ is looking for active disciples that He can work through in this critical period of the end times to fulfil His regeneration mandate for the multitude of lost souls that are in the world. If you happen to be one of those disciples, then we look forward to you joining and uniting with us for the sake of winning more souls for the kingdom of God.

Even if you choose not to become an active member of Hope Alliance at this present time, we hope as a born again christian you will in one way or another support our kingdom objectives and that you will continually stand with us in prayers for the greater achievement of our kingdom advancement aims and objectives.

We pray that the grace of our LORD Jesus Christ, the love of God and sweet fellowship of the Holy Spirit, rest and continually abide with you now and forevermore. Amen.

Please fill in our membership form here.

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